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*Credit to OmegaDonut for the previous XY mechanics research thread.

Rules for this Thread

1. Discussion is limited to suggestions for the list, or new information revealed on battle mechanics. Limit discussion to battle mechanics only. That means:

  • Do NOT discuss competitive implications for the new changes.
  • Do NOT discuss the new training methods. That will be handled in a separate thread.
  • Do NOT discuss type changes to existing Pokémon. That is already handled in another thread.
2. Avoid vague questions like "does X still work the same?" or "How does new move Y work?" We need a specific idea to test.

Other guidelines will probably be added at the discretion of the moderators soon enough.

Possible Mechanics Changes




Other Mechanics
  • Has there been a change to the chance to wake up from sleep status per turn?
  • Has confusion's chance for a Pokemon to hit itself been reduced from 50% to 33%?
New Mechanics


  • If a move has its power changed, such as Stomping Tantrum after a turn where the user's previous move failed, will the Z--move that uses it as a base have its BP changed to reflect the boost?
  • Does a Pokemon with Stakeout deal double damage to a Pokemon that entered the battle through U-turn, Volt Switch, or Baton Pass?
  • Does Psychic Terrain cause Ally Switch to fail?
  • Corrosion: Toxic -> Magic Coat from Corrosion user -> does it poison Poison-types?
  • Receiver/Power of Alchemy: Can they copy Imposter Illusion, or Comatose? Can they copy an ability that was copied via another ability, such as Trace, Mummy, or Entrainment or another Pokemon with the Receiver/Power of Alchemy abilities?
  • Shields Down: Does Ditto Transformed into Minior (Meteor Form) also have status immunity?

Other Mechanics

Known Information

Generation 7 Move Flags:

  • Damaging Z-Moves DO NOT carry over secondary effects/attributes from their base moves (i.e increased priority, status affliction, etc). They are their own unique moves. (Kalalokki)
  • Z-Status moves apply their Z-effect before applying the move's own effect (ex: Z-Belly Drum will heal the user by 100% of their HP before removing 50% to boost their stats by +6). Status Z-moves function in the same priority bracket as their base moves. Status Z-moves gain +1 priority from Prankster and other abilities. (squirrelboyVGC) (yetanotherperson)
  • You can use 1 Z-Move per battle, it is independent from Mega Evolution.
  • Z-Moves benefit from abilities such as Mold Breaker, Scrappy, Hustle and others. (Kalalokki)
  • Damaging Z-Moves can deal critical hits. (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • Z-status move's Z-Power bonus effects (Z-Power effects applied before the Z-move is used, such as restoring HP or boosting stats) are not affected by Snatch or Magic Bounce, the following Z-move is affected in the same manner its base move is. (UltiMario)
  • Z-Moves are affected by abilities that affect damage or redirect such as Storm Drain and LightningRod. (yetanotherperson)
  • Draining the PP of the base move prevents the corresponding Z-move from being used. (OmegaDonut)
  • Disabling or Imprisoning the base move does not prevent the Z-move from being used. (OmegaDonut)
  • Z-Moves used while the user has the ability Protean will change the Pokemon's type to match the Z-move's type. (Kalalokki)
  • Z-Nature Power transforms into the respective Z-move based on terrain (i.e Energy Ball -> Bloom Doom, Earth Power -> Tectonic Edge) (OmegaDonut)
  • Z-Hidden power always transforms into Breakneck Blitz regardless of type. (OmegaDonut)
  • "couldn't fully protect itself" means damaging Z-Moves bypass Protect but deal reduced damage (roughly 25% of original) regardless if its a critical hit or not (OmegaDonut)
  • Z-Belly Drum restores all HP before deducting the 50%, so it can be used below 50% health. (OmegaDonut)
  • Z-Parting Shot and Z-Memento also restore HP of the incoming Pokemon (need to test the amount). (OmegaDonut)
  • Z-Crystals can't be Knocked Off and caused Trick, Switcheroo, and Fling to fail (yetanotherperson) and are not consumed after using a Z-move. (OmegaDonut)
  • Z-Moves are not affected by type changing abilities (Refrigerate, Pixilate, etc)
  • Z-moves do not bypass Disguise. (OmegaDonut)
  • POKEMON returned its decreased stats to normal using its Z-Power!. Stat resetting Z-effects remove lowered stats not boosted stat changes, similar to White Herb.
  • Z-Geomancy still requires a charge turn after applying its Z-effect. (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • Pokemon can use Z-Status moves while under the effects of Taunt (UltiMario)
  • The 25% damage reduction from Protect to Z-Moves also applies to percentage based damaging Z-moves like Guardian of Alola. (OmegaDonut)
  • Fire/Water Z-moves will fizz/evaporate in Heavy Rain/Harsh Sunlight (yetanotherperson)
  • Z-Trick only has the specific Z-effect happen but the move itself will fail afterwards since Z-Crystals can't be removed by Trick. (Kalalokki)
  • Z-Status moves do not have perfect accuracy like damaging Z-moves. (OmegaDonut)
  • Purify Z-Move all-stats up effect is applied to the user not the target. Purify does not need to succeed to give those stat boosts, in-game message: ""X increased its stats using its Z-Power! X unleashes its full force Z-Move! X used Purify! But it failed!" (UltiMario)
  • Z-Mirror Move will reflect the opposing Pokemon's attack as its Z-Move equivalent (ex: Icy Wind reflected off Z-Mirror Move will become Subzero Slammer) after applying the +2 boost in attack from its Z-Power effect. (Source)
  • Z-Me First works similarly to Z-Mirror Move, the Z-Move variant of the target's move will be used regardless of the Pokemon's Z-Crystal with the Z-Power effect of Me First (Boosts Speed by 2 stages) being applied first. Z-Copycat works in a similar fashion, applying its unique Z-Power effect before using the Z-move variant. (yetanotherperson)
  • All stat increase status Z-move effects do not increase accuracy and evasion. (UltiMario)
  • After applying its Z-effect, Z-Sleep Talk calls upon a random move in the user's move set and uses its corresponding Z-move (ex: Water-type move becomes Hydro Vortex) regardless of their Z-crystal or the move's type. (ih8ih8sn0w) Sleep Talk can call Z-moves but only normal Z-moves not unique z-moves like Guardian of Alola (ih8ih8sn0w and UltiMario). Z-status moves do not gain their Z-Power bonus effect and the move is executed as normal (Blitzamirin)
  • While affected by Encore a Pokemon still has the option to use its Z-move even if its base move was the move that was Encored. (OmegaDonut) Encore will fail against a Pokemon that previously used a Z-move (LegoFigure11)
  • When hacked into normal move slots, damaging Z-moves (Hydro Vortex, Bloom Doom, etc) becomes 1 BP / -- Accuracy moves of their respective types. Special Z-moves (Catastropika, pulverizing Pancake, etc) function normally with their actual Base Powers and effects. All normal move slot Z-Moves have 1 PP ( PP Ups don't work). You can use as many normal move slot Z-Moves as you want in a battle. You cannot power up a normal slot Z-Move with a Z-Crystal (it won't recognize the move as that typing at all). (UltiMario) Their PP can be restored with a Leppa Berry. (UltiMario)
  • Pokemon that have transformed due to Imposter or Transform can use a Z-move using that transformed Pokemon's move set as long as they hold the corresponding Z-Crystal. (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • Copycat cannot copy Z-moves. (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • Dark Void is now 50% accuracy and can only be used Darkrai. Will fail if called by Metronome by a Pokemon that's not Darkrai. (Kapibada)
  • Thunder Wave is now 90% accuracy. It is not 100% accurate when used by Electric-types. (UltiMario)
  • Burn Up removes the Fire-typing of its user and makes them Typeless if they have no secondary type. (Source) Burn Up will fail if used by a non-fire-type or if used by a Pokemon with Protean that is not Fire-type before the move is used (the move checks for the type before Protean triggers to change the user's type). (yetanotherperson)
  • Pokemon regain their Fire-typing after using Burn Up if they switch out, including with Baton Pass. (UltiMario)
  • Instruct will fail if the Pokemon acts before its target has used a move. It will call on the last move used by the target even if the target has selected a different move this turn, the target will use both the move called on by Instruct and its newly selected move that turn. Instruct cannot call on Z-moves. (Source) Scenario: Dragon Dance -> Dancer activates -> Instruct the original Dragon Dance -> does Dancer activate again? Yes it does, works for both damaging and status dance moves. (yetanotherperson) Instruct and Fake Out/flinching interactions as well as moves that fail when Instructed: The move instruct broken down: and more Instruct tests:
  • Destiny Bond will fail if used again after a turn where the move was used successfully. (OmegaDonut)
  • OHKO moves still only work on Pokemon of the same or lower level as the user. (UltiMario)
  • Shore Up does not restore less HP in other weather conditions (UltiMario)
  • Revelation Dance copied off Mirror Move is the Mirror Move User's type. (UltiMario)
  • If Oricorio-Baile uses Burn Up, Revelation Dance becomes Flying type. (Marty)
  • If Arceus holding a Flame Plate uses Burn Up, Multitype will override Burn Up and Arceus as well as Judgment will remain Fire-type. (UltiMario)
  • Aurora Veil's duration is extended by Light Clay and it stacks with Reflect/Light Screen (GingerNinja87). Aurora Veil remains active after Hail ceases (GingerNinja87). Infiltrator ignores Aurora Veil. (UltiMario) Aurora Veil is removed from the target's side of the field with Defog but not from the user's side of the field unless Defog is reflected by Magic Bounce (UltiMario). (yetanotherperson) Aurora Veil is removed by Brick Break/Psychic Jaws. (LegoFigure11) Cloud Nine and Air Lock will cause Aurora Veil to fail even if Hail is active. (UltiMario). Aurora Veil and Light Screen/Reflect can both be active at the same time but the damage calculation will only take into account one of them, the effects do not stack. (Marty)
  • Sunsteel Strike/Moongeist Beam ignore Disguise. (ih8ih8sn0w) Sunsteel Strike/Moongeist Beam ignore abilities belonging to Pokemon other than the target. An Electrified Sunsteel Strike/Moongeist Beam will ignore an ally's Lightning Rod and hit its intended target (LegoFigure11)
  • Misty Terrain now blocks confusion. (yetanotherperson)
  • Psychic Terrain blocks priority status and damaging moves on a grounded target. Self-targetting status moves like Calm Mind are not blocked along with field effects like Tailwind. Additionally, Prankster boosted Perish Song is blocked on all other Pokemon except the user while Psychic Terrain is up (squirrelboyVGC). (ih8ih8sn0w) Psychic Terrain does not block Pursuit if the target attempts to switch out (UltiMario) Psychic Terrain only works on positive priority moves (those greater than +0) and not any negative priority moves despite them being boosted by abilities, such as Prankster. (squirrelboyVGC) Nature Power tuns into Psychic, Secret power drops Speed by 1. (UltiMario) Psychic Terrain protects grounded Pokemon from Gale Wings Supersonic Skystrike. (UltiMario)
  • Spectral Thief only steals boost not stat reductions and only if the move succeeds or affects the target (UltiMario). If a Pokemon with Simple uses Spectral Thief any stat changes it receives are doubled. (UltiMario) Spectral thief ignores Substitute but not Protect. (Marty)
  • Defog removes entry hazards from both sides of the field. (yetanotherperson)
  • Payback no longer doubles in power when the target switches. (Sondero)
  • Sheer Cold no longer works on Ice-Type Pokemon and has a reduced chance to hit when used by non Ice-type Pokemon. (Source)
  • Speed Swap uses the raw Speed stat and ignores stat changes. (UltiMario)
  • Tornadus still becomes a Normal-type after using Roost. (LegoFigure11)
  • Analytic still boosts damage on the switch. (UltiMario)
  • Assist can call Dark Void but it fails when used by a Pokemon that's not Darkrai. (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • The only new moves that ignore Substitute: Sparkling Aria, Gear Up, Speed Swap, Instruct, Clanging Scales, and Spectral Thief. (Marty)
  • Ice Hammer is boosted by Iron Fist. Iron Fist's 1.2x multiplier has not changed from Generation 6. (UltiMario)
  • Swagger on a grounded Pokemon while Misty Terrain is up will only give it a +2 Attack boost without confusing it. (GingerNinja87)
  • Beak Blast burns on contact even if the user is KOed. (UltiMario)
  • Shell Trap does not trigger if the user is KOed. (UltiMario)
  • Strength Sap first lowers the target's Attack stat by 1 then heals the user by an amount equal to the target's Attack stat before it was lowered. Stat changes are taken into account. An ally's Defiant is not triggered when targeted by Strength Sap. Strength Sap fails against a target with -6 Attack but does not fail against a Pokemon with the abilities Hyper Cutter, Clear Body, etc and in those cases simply restores HP without lowering the Pokemon's Attack stat. (yetaanotherperson 1 2) Big Root works with Strength Sap. (Marty)
  • Strength Sap while the user has max HP will just lower the target's Attack by 1 stage. (UltiMario)
  • King's Shield now inflicts a -2 Attack stat drop even if the Pokemon is immune to the attacker's direct contact move. (UltiMario)
  • Destiny Bond and Protect/Detect run on different last use counters. (UltiMario)
  • Extreme Speed retains its +2 priority from Generation 6. (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • Fell Stinger is now 50 BP and boosts the user's Attack by 3 stages when it KOes a Pokemon. (Source)
  • Beak Blast will burn a Pokemon that makes contact with the user even if it's asleep. Beak Blast is blocked by Bulletproof. (Ed)
  • Struggle does not receive STAB when used by a Pokemon who became Typeless after using Burn Up. (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • Thousand Arrows will hit a target carried up by Sky Drop and they won't lose their immunity to ground-type moves if they're Flying-type or possess Levitate if hit by Thousand Arrows in this manner. (Blak Dragon)
  • Reflect Type fails against purely "typeless" previously-Fire-type Pokemon, by using Forest's Curse on it, then using Burn Up, and then using Reflect Type on it, the Reflect Type user becomes Normal/Grass. (Marty)
  • If a Pokemon uses Brutal Swing, and its ally uses King's Shield, the Attack drop happen before the opposing Pokemon are damaged and the new Attack stat stage is used for the other hits. If the ally Pokemon uses Spiky Shield instead and the Brutal Swing user drops to 0 HP the other hits are performed before the user faints. (Marty)
  • Stomping Tantrum gets its power doubled after every "But it failed!" including both types of move failure (those that activate Protean and those that don't). Launching moves into immunities and no target also triggers the boost, but launching moves into Protect does not. Only gets doubled power if 0 targets were successfully hit (unless one or more of them were protecting themselves). (Marty)
  • Gale Wings now only works when the Pokemon is at Full HP.
  • Comatose acts as if the Pokemon with the ability were asleep, but without the sleep status being applied. This includes status immunity and the inability to be put to sleep/use Rest. (ih8ih8sn0w) Sleep Talk and Snore can be used by Pokemon with Comatose. Hex and Wake-Up slap deal double damage to Pokemon with Comatose. A Pokemon with Mold Breaker, Turboblaze, etc cannot inflict a status condition on a Pokemon with Comatose.. (ih8ih8sn0w) Nightmare deals damage each turn, Dream Eater deals damage, and Pokemon with Comatose will fail to consume a Chesto Berry. (ih8ih8sn0w) Comatose cannot be Skill Swapped, changed via Simple Beam or Mummy, or passed with Entrainment. (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • Sheer Force does not stop Emergency Exit from activating. Emergency Exit "blocks" Volt Switch/U-turn's switching effect when it gets triggered. (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • Disguise will not activate for a Pokemon other than Mimikyu. (ih8ih8sn0w) Disguise will not trigger on entry hazard damage or weather damage. (yetanotherperson) Disguise does not block status moves. Disguise will be used up if the Pokemon hurts itself due to confusion. Weakness Policy will not activate if Disguise is activated when a Pokemon is hit by an attack. (yetanotherperson) When a Pokemon with Disguise is behind a Substitute and is hit by an attack the Substitute will take the damage and Disguise will not be used up. (yetanotherperson) Sound based damaging moves do not bypass Disguise. Infiltrator does not bypass Disguise (ih8ih8sn0w) Mold Breaker will ignore Disguise. (ih8ih8sn0w) Disguise does not prevent flinching from Fake Out (ih8ih8sn0w) or other secondary effects from moves whose damage it blocks. (LegoFigure11) Multi-hit moves will trigger Disguise on the first hit then deal damage with their subsequent hits. Disguise can activate only once for each Mimikyu, but multiple Mimikyus can each have Disguise activate in a battle. Skill Swap / Role Play / Gastro Acid / Worry Seed / Entrainment / Simple Beam have no effect on Disguise. If Mimikyu uses Skill Swap / Role Play / Entrainment via Mimic or Copycat, it will fail. Receiver / Power of Alchemy cannot take Disguise. Mummy does not force Mimikyu to change Abilities. Trace cannot copy Disguise, which causes it to always copy Mimikyu's partner's Ability for Doubles, or activate as soon as another Traceable Ability switches in for Singles. Illusion copies Mimikyu's current Disguise state (busted or not busted). Ditto / Smeargle using Transform cannot activate Disguise, regardless if Mimikyu was busted or not at the time of Transforming. Transform does copy Mimikyu's current Disguise state (busted or not busted). Damage-halving Berries (for Mimikyu's case, Babiri, Kebia, and Kasib) will not activate if Disguise is intact. (DaWoblefet). If Mimikyu's type is changed before its disguise is broken, its type reverts back to normal when it is broken. (magnemite)
  • Dazzling/Queenly Majesty work on both damage and status priority moves and those influenced by priority boosting abilities, such as Prankster or Triage directed towards the ability holder's side of the field (protects both Pokemon in a double battle). (ih8ih8sn0w) Dazzling does not block prankster Haze. (ih8ih8sn0w) Dazzling will block Prankster Perish Song. Dazzling does not block negative priority attacks even after a Prankster boost. (yetanotherperson) Priority moves from ally Pokemon were not blocked by Queenly Majesty. Prankster Assist is blocked by Queenly Majesty. (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • Parental Bond has been reduced from 50% to 25% on the second hit, it still triggers secondary effects on the second hit, and on the second hit, fixed damage moves still do the same amount of damage as the first hit. (UltiMario) Spread moves still do not trigger Parental Bond when used in double battles, the moves only hit each target once. Parental Bond would not trigger on a Pokemon that used a Z-move. (yetanotherperson) If a Pokemon with parental Bond uses Spectral thief it does not gain boosts twice. (UltiMario)
  • Receiver/Power of Alchemy only works when your ally faints while the Pokemon with the ability is on the field, it does not work on opposing Pokemon. (yetanotherperson) Receiver/Power of Alchemy does not copy Wonder Guard. (Source) Receiver/Power of Alchemy will activate if an ally Pokemon faints itself due to Memento, Explosion, etc (yetanotherperson)
  • Mold Breaker Ignores Dazzling/Queenly Majesty. (UltiMario)
  • A Pokemon with the ability Water Compaction receives multiple Defense stat boosts when hit with Water Shuriken. (UltiMario).
  • Toxic reflected by Magic Coat from a Pokemon with Corrosion will not poison a Poison-type Pokemon. (UltiMario). Toxic Spikes used by a Pokemon with Corrosion will not posion Steel- or Poison-types. (yetanotherperson) Corrosion will not allow the user to poison a Pokemon with Immunity. (UltiMario) Corrosion does not allow the user to damage Steel-type Pokemon with poison moves but does allow the secondary effect of moves to poison Poison-type Pokemon. (UltiMario and GingerNinja 87)
  • Emergency Exit activates after the last hit of a multi-hit move even if the Pokemon' HP drops below 50% during it. (eworm)
  • Emergency Exit does not activate when the Pokemon hurts itself in confusion and drops below 50% HP. (Source) (Story spoilers in source) or if the Pokemon enters at below 50% HP and will not activate until it heals to above 50% HP and falls below it again. (eworm) Emergency Exit can be removed via moves like Skill Swap, Worry Seed, etc. (UltiMario) Hazard damage and contact damage from Iron Barbs, Rough Skin, etc trigger Emergency Exit. (UltiMario) Emergency Exit will activate at the end of a multi hit move. (UltiMario)
  • If a Pokemon with Emergency exit is brought above 50% of its HP with a Sitrus Berry Emergency Exit does not activate. (UltiMario) If a Pokemon with Emergency Exit drops to below 50% of its HP from using Substitute or from weather damage it does not activate Emergency Exit. (LegoFigure11)
  • Red Card and Emergency Exit trigger simultaneously and both Pokemon are switched out. Eject button triggers before Emergency Exit. (UltiMario) Dragon Tail will force a Pokemon with Emergency Exit to switch before the ability activates. (UltiMario)
  • If a Pokemon with Liquid Voice uses Perish Song, the abilities Water Absorb and Storm Drain will trigger, furthermore the Pokemon will be immune to the effects of the Perish Song. (UltiMario). Liquid Voice only applies to the ability holder's moves. (UltiMario) Liquid Voice does not boost the power of those moves.
  • Sheer Force still negates Life Orb Recoil (UltiMario)
  • Triage gives +3 priority to damaging moves that restore HP (i.e Giga Drain, etc) alongside status moves that restore HP. (UltiMario) Triage does not give added priority to Leech Seed, Pain Split, or Ingrain. (ih8ih8sn0w) Wish, Healing Wish, and Lunar Dance are affecte d by Triage. (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • Unaware still ignores the opposing Pokemon stat boosts when the ability holder attacks or is attacked.(OmegaDonut)
  • Dancer activates immediately after a Dance move is used and doesn't use up the ability holder's turn (they can still use their move for that turn). Dancer will not activate on a copied dance move by another Pokemon with Dancer. Dancer can copy status Dance moves as well as attacking dance moves (Petal Dance, Fiery Dance, etc). A copied Petal Dance will only be executed for one turn and won't lock the user in. (yetanotherperson) Lunar Dance is copied after the original user faints and the Pokemon that copied it will faint after using it. A Pokemon with Dancer that has been Taunted will attempt to copy a status dance move (i.e Lunar Dance, Quiver Dance, etc) but it will fail. (yetanotherperson) Rain Dance will not be copied by Dancer. (Marty) A Pokemon that is locked into a move such as Outrage or Petal Dance will copy a dance move used by another Pokemon but fail to execute it. (yetanotherperson) The check to see if a Pokemon will hurt itself in confusion does occur when a Pokemon with Dancer copies a move. The check to see if a Pokemon will be fully paralyzed or remain frozen will happen on Dancer, and a sleep turn is also used up by Dancer's activation. If a Dance move fails (this includes having +6 on a move like Swords Dance) Dancer can't copy it, but if the Dancer's move would fail (and the attacker's didn't) Dancer DOES copy the move. (UltiMario) If a Pokemon with Dancer holding a Choice item (Choice Band, etc) copies a dancing move it is only locked into that move it has it has the move in its move set. If it's already locked into another move then the copied move fails. Furthermore, if a Dancer Pokemon hasn't been Choice-locked yet and is outsped by something using a dance move, and the Dancer Pokemon selected a move that turn that isn't the dance move (which is also in its moveset, triggering the lock), the move it chose fails. (Marty) Dancer does not copy Teeter Dance unless it successfully confuses at least one Pokemon. When two Pokemon with Dancer are on the field the slower Pokemon will copy the dancing move first. (MadChaeger)
  • Prism Armor reduces super-effective damage dealt to the Pokemon to 0.75x (UltiMario) Prism Auror ignores Mold Breaker-like effects that would bypass it. (UltiMario)
  • Swift Swim still doubles the Pokemon's Speed stat in rain. (UltiMario)
  • Stamina will still activate even when the attacker has Mold Breaker. (UltiMario)
  • Steelworker (1.5x boost to Steel-type moves) further boosts the damage from moves used by the ability holder. Pokemon that are Steel-type gain an additional 1.5x boost to their moves along with their STAB boost. (UltiMario)
  • Water Bubble doubles the power of physical and special Water-type moves regardless of the Pokemon's type (Water-type Pokemon get STAB on their moves still), including the Z-Move Hydro Vortex, and has no affect on status Water-type moves. (UltiMario)
  • Weak Armor now boosts Speed by 2 and lowers Defense by 1.
  • Merciless does not ignore Shell Armor, damage dealt to a poisoned Pokemon with Shell Armor will not be a critical hit (UltiMario)
  • A Pokemon with Fluffy will take normal damage from from Fire-type move that makes direct contact. (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • Beast Boost boosts the Pokemon's highest Raw stat by +1 and ignores any modifiers to that stat from status, items, or moves. (Blitzamirin) If two or more stats have the same raw value, Beast boost will prioritize which stat to boost in the following order from highest to lowest priority: Atk, Def, SpA, SpD, Spe (UltiMario) If a Beast Boost Pokemon KOes another Pokemon with Flame Burst's secondary effect, it will not receive a Beast Boos (DaWoblefet)
  • A Pokemon with Schooling cannot have its ability removed by Worry Seed, Skill Swap, Entrainment, or Gastro Acid (UltiMario). Schooling will only start activating for Wishiwashi starting at level 20. Schooling's effect will not wear off until after the turn ends when the Pokemon's HP drops below 25% of its maximum (Source)
  • Shields Down activates at the end of a turn where the Pokemon's HP falls to or below 50% of its max HP. If the Pokemon's HP goes above 50% due to an item or otherwise the Pokemon will revert to its Meteor forme at the end of the turn. (UltiMario) Status immunity is associated with the ability Shields Down and Minior's Meteor forme, Minior in just its Meteor forme without the ability Shields Down or a Pokemon with just Shields Down will not receive status immunity. Any benefits of Minior's Meteor forme while it has the ability Shields Down after its HP drops to 50% or lower will remain till the end of the turn. If its HP is raised above 50% by Leftovers it will changed back to Meteor forme at the end of the turn. (UltiMario) Rest fails if use by a Pokemon in its Meteor forme. (UltiMario)
  • If Zygarde uses Power Construct it will override any type change by Camouflage or another type changing move (Soak, Trick or Treat, etc) and revert it to Dragon/Ground typing. (UltiMario)
  • Berserk activates every time a Pokemon's HP drops below 50% of its max HP via direct damage. Indirect damage from weather, Sticky Barbs, recoil, status conditions, leech Seed, etc that would reduce the Pokemon's HP to below 50% of its maximum HP does not trigger Berserk. If the Pokemon's HP rises above 50% of its max HP Berserk can be activated again. (UltiMario)
  • Electric/Psychic/Grassy/Misty Surge will fail to activate if the user faints upon entering the field due to damage from entry hazards (Spikes, Stealth Rocks, etc). (Blitzamirin)
  • Stealth Rocks damage remains unchanged from Generation 6. (UltiMario)
  • Battery boosts an ally's Special Attack by 1.3x. (ih8ih8sno0w, yetanotherperson)
  • -ate abilities (Pixilate, Refrigerate, etc) and Normlaize/Galvanize now boost damage by 1.2x (UltiMario and yetanotherperson)
  • Sunsteel Strike/Moongeist Beam, Teravolt, and other abilities that would ignore the opposing Pokemon's ability do not bypass Shadow Shield. (Jibaku)
  • Full Metal Body ignores Mold Breaker-like effects that would normally bypass it. (UltiMario)
  • Slush Rush does not grant immunity to Hail damage. (Marty)Items

  • Eviolite is still 1.5x to Defense and Special Defense (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • Soul Dew now boosts the power of Latias's and Latios's Dragon- and Psychic-type attacks by 20% (Source)
  • Adrenaline Orb will only boost a Pokemon's Speed stat if it is affected by the ability Intimidate. (UltiMario). Adrenaline Orb will still activate if the attack-lowering effect of Intimidate was suppressed through something like Hyper Cutter or Clear Body. (Marty)
  • Terrain Extender boosts terrain move duration to 8 turns and works on both terrain setting abilities and moves. (GingerNinja87) Does not affect Trick Room, Magic Room, or Wonder Room. (UltiMario)
  • Electric/Psychic/Grassy/Misty Seeds are consumed when the Pokemon is sent out while the terrain is active or if the terrain changes to the appropriate terrain while it is out. (GingerNinja87).Terrain Seed items will stil activate if held by a non-grounded Pokemon when a Terrain is active. (Retro64)
  • Z-Crystals and Memories do not boost the damage of attacks of the matching type. Memories don't boost the power of Multi-Attack.(UltiMario)
  • Eject Button will fail to activate if the Pokemon is hit by a Sheer Force boosted move or by Knock Off. (yetanotherperson)
  • A Flying-type Pokemon holding Ring Target will not be affected by terrain effects, (Meleeace1478)
Other Mechanics
  • Burn damage has been reduced to 1/16th the user Max HP regardless of their type. (UltiMario). Pokemon with Heatproof take 1/32 of their Max HP as damage (UltiMario)
  • Turn order has changed to reflect a Pokemon's ability/Speed after it Mega Evolves, Prankster will now be active immediately after mega evolving and give priority to moves. Changes to a Pokemon's Speed will be reflected on the turn it mega evolves making it move before or after the opposing Pokemon depending on its new Speed stat. (Source). Does not affect the Speed of other Pokemon on the field, ex: if rain is up and Charizard mega evolves into Mega Charizard-Y and Drought activates Swift Swimmers still have the boost. (OmegaDonut)
  • Rayquaza cannot mega evolve and hold a Z-Crystal at the same time, even after it uses a Z-move.(OmegaDonut)
  • Triple Battles and Rotation battles are no longer present in the games.
  • Arceus type will change to match the Z-Crystal it is holding but Judgment will not change type to match it and will remain Normal-type. Pokemon specific Z-Crystals (i.e Decidium, Pikashunium etc) have no effect. (UltiMario)
  • Bad poison (e.g from Toxic) damage till does int[max HP/16] damage and increases the damage by that same amount in each subsequent turn. (yetanotherperson)
  • Sandstorm still boosts Rock-type SpDef stat by 1.5x. (GingerNinja87)
  • Hail weather status has received no apparent changes from Generation 6. (GingerNinja87)
  • Sleep still only last 1-3 turns and the counter does not reset when you switch (UltiMario)
  • No changes to the type chart in Generation 7. (Source)
  • In Gen 6, the games changed a move's type in this order: listed move type -> moves that call other moves use the new move instead -> Normalize changes the move to Normal -> moves now change type (Hidden Power/Judgment/Natural Gift/Techno Blast/Weather Ball) -> if the move is unchanged and still Normal (i.e. not Natural Gift with Chilan Berry), Aerilate/Pixilate/Refrigerate change it to Flying/Fairy/Ice -> if the move is Normal, Ion Deluge changes to Electric -> Electrify changes the move to Electric -> Protean activates -> Gems activate if the Gem matches the move type. Question: now that Normalize has the power boost the other type-changing Abilities do, did it move to where the others are? For example, is a Normalize Hidden Power still its regular type, or is it now Normal? It looks like Normalize is still in the same step it used to be, Hidden Power and Weather Ball were unaffected by it. (UltiMario)
  • Pokemon can now "re-learn" Level Up moves regardless of their level, but they cannot learn Level Up moves unique to their evolution/pre-evolution. (xJoelituh)
  • The effectiveness text on the move selection screen is purely based off the opposing Pokemon's type and ignores abilities. (UltiMario)
  • Thick Club boosts Alolan Marowak's and Marowak's Attack stat. (UltiMario)
  • Dark-type Pokemon are now immune to moves affected by Prankster that target them. (yeah wtf?) (UltiMario) This immunity does not extend to ally Dark-type Pokemon. (OmegaDonut) Prankster Spikes, hazards, weather moves, and Trick Room are not blocked (raikoo)but Prankster Defog is. (UltiMario) Dark-type Pokemon with Prankster will be affected by status moves bounced back with Magic Bounce/Coat. This is the case even if the Magic Bounce/Coat user is Dark-type. (UltiMario) Prankster Assists is blocked by Dark-types even if it calls an attacking move. (raikoo) If a Dark-type uses a status move into a Pokemon with Prankster using Magic Coat, the Dark-type Pokemon will be unaffected by the reflected move. (UltiMario) Video evidence: (raikoo)
  • Silvally won't change type when it uses a move while it has the ability Protean regardless if its holding a Memory or not. (ih8ih8sn0w)
  • Symbiosis + Eject Button glitch has been fixed. Symbiosis does not pass an item when switching out due to Eject Button. Even if the Pokemon that switched out returns to the field, Symbiosis does not give it an item. (yetanotherperson)
  • Ash-Greninja's Battle Bond Boosted Water Shuriken has its BP raised from 15 to 20 and always hits 3 times. (Jibaku)
  • Wide Guard/Quick Guard still run off Protect/Detect's last use counter. Wide Guard/Quick Guard -> Protect has a chance for Protect to fail but Protect ->Wide Guard/Quick Guard will not cause Wide/Guard/Quick Guard to fail. (DaWoblefet)
  • Changes in order of checks done in Generation 7. (Marty)
  • In general, a Choice user attempting to use any move that isn't the one it locked itself into will "use" it and have it fail immediately. No PP is deducted even though the move is announced. (Marty and DragonWhale)
  • Base critical hit rate has changed from 1/16 to 1/24 (Kaphotics)
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If the OP wasn't clear I will be deleting and warning any posts that a) don't raise a specific question or b) aren't providing any information about Gen 7 mechanics. Other instances may apply.
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Somebody please check if the suspected Parental Bond nerf (second hit does 25% damage instead of 50%) is true.
Disguise only works once per battle? Can it block status effects as well?

Also, is confusion (the status) really nerfed?
Terrain Wars is something that everyone will definitely test out. The question is will these (open below) Terrain-based items be nullified if another Terrain activates or will their effects continue to exist throughout the holder's remainder time on the field (that is before it switches out).

Electric Seed
An item to be held by a Pokémon. It boosts Defense on Electric Terrain. It can only be used once.

Psychic Seed
An item to be held by a Pokémon. It boosts Sp. Def on Psychic Terrain. It can only be used once.

Misty Seed
An item to be held by a Pokémon. It boosts Sp. Def on Misty Terrain. It can only be used once.

Grassy Seed
An item to be held by a Pokémon. It boosts Defense on Grassy Terrain. It can only be used once.


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First of all, Thank you for making this thread. The disproved rumors were getting annoying.

  • Does Dark Void fail if called upon by Metronome/Assist/Mimic?
Can Dark Void be called by Metronome/Assist/Mimic?

Other Mechanics
I heard that Hyper Training boosts stats to make it as though they have 31 IV without changing the IVs. Can we confirm that?


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I heard that Hyper Training boosts stats to make it as though they have 31 IV without changing the IVs. Can we confirm that?
There is confirmation for that but the user would prefer if their video weren't made public only reason I haven't provided a source.


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Does Disguise block damage done to a substitute?

Do you get your Fire-typing back from Burn Up if you switch out and switch back in (question from Discord)?
First of all, Thank you for making this thread. The disproved rumors were getting annoying.

I heard that Hyper Training boosts stats to make it as though they have 31 IV without changing the IVs. Can we confirm that?
They added a new value on top of ivs that added up to 31.
battle stats are calculated with the sum iv+htv where iv originally was used.
Everything else that used to be based on ivs doesnt change.


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Does Psychic Terrain/Queenly Magesty/Dazzle block higher priority attacks like Fake Out/Extreme Speed/First Impression/etc. The note only mentions +1 Status.
Does Psychic Terrain/Queenly Magesty/Dazzle block higher priority attacks like Fake Out/Extreme Speed/First Impression/etc. The note only mentions +1 Status.
That's not what the note means, but rather that it does not block priority status moves that are not targeted on a different Pokemon. If the target is the user of the move or the entire field (for now I'll assume it works like Dazzling), it will not be blocked.


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pretty much what siggu said it's not saying it only blocks +1 priority moves, I only phrased it that way since there's a question asking if it'll block negative priority moves like roar boosted via prankster.

edit: changed it to hopefully make it less confusing.
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Is the Purify Z-Move all-stats up effect applied to the user of Purify, or its target? Also, does Purify's usual effect (healing status) need to succeed to get the Z-move effect?
Can someone confirm if Receiver & Power of Alchemy only work in doubles and only with your ally?

Because that's how it's demonstrated and how it reads to me, but some believe (& last I saw, hasn't been deconfirmed yet) that it would work in singles too.

So something like
Azumarill is KO'd
then you send out Passimian
Receiver grabs Huge Power

Again, I assume no, but it'd be nice to have a definitive answer.
Some questions:

-Does a Pokemon with Stakeout deal double damage to a Pokemon that entered the battle through U-turn, Volt Switch, or Baton Pass?
-Does Dazzling, Queenly Majesty, or Psychic Terrain prevent moves with boosted priority via Prankster, Gale Wings, or Triage
-What moves does Triage give priority to, exactly?
-If Mimikyu uses Substitute, and the Substitute is then broken, does it retain its Disguise?
-When Beast Boost is choosing a stat to be boosted after getting a KO, does it take into account stat boosts via boosting moves or Choice Items?
-Does Strength Sap take into account Attack stat changes?
-Is Power of Alchemy confirmed to work exactly the same as Receiver?
-Does a Pokemon with Water Compaction receive multiple boosts when hit by Water Shuriken?
-How much does Steelworker boost by?
-Can Salazzle poison Poison types with Sludge Bomb?
-How much does Galvanize and Normalize boost by?


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Awesome. Thanks for the explanation. I've seen quite a few people looking for in game confirmation that it blocks status and attacks with +2 or higher priority targeting the opponent, as well as its affect on weird high priority moves like Pursuit, Follow Me, Spotlight, Focus Punch, etc.
Does Baneful Bunker leave Toxapex vulnerable to status moves like King's Shield and Spiky Shield (I think) do to Aegislash and Chesnaught respectively?
@ above: spiky shield doesn't king's shield does

Oh boy
  • How does Dazzling interact with Prankster Heart Swap and Topsy-Turvy?
  • How does Steelworker work on Steel-type Pokemon? What is its boost?
  • Does Shore Up restore less HP in other weathers? How about Floral Healing in other terrains?
  • Does Strength Sap restore more HP when the opponent has boosted Attack?
  • Is Power Trip weakened by opponents' Defense boosts?
  • By how much does Purify reduce the user's HP?
  • Does Psychic Fangs break Aurora Veil? How about Brick Break?
  • Do Memories give any sort of boost?
More to come

Edit: can someone clarify if the EV limit is still going to be in place in Balanced Hackmons? I think that's a research question.
"Sheer Force does not stop Emergency Exit from activating."

What exactly is meant by this? Last time I checked, Sheer Force only boosted moves with side effects. I thought that Emergency Exit was activated via all moves causing the user to go to half HP.

And on the subject of that ability, if Golisopod/Wimpod were to get hit by Spikes/Stealth Rock, and that causes it to reach 50% HP upon switching in, will the ability activate? Is Wimpod/Golisopod basically useless at that point where its ability activated? (Like, if a 50% HP Golisopod was brought in via U-Turn/Volt Switch/Baton Pass, will Emergency Exit activate automatically with Golisopod getting to do nothing?)
Emergency Exit "blocks" Volt Switch's switching effect when it gets triggered.
Can you clarify what you mean when you say Emergency Exit "blocks" Volt Switch effect.

Edit: Question:
  1. Can one still use their Z-status move if they're taunted?
  2. Are Z-moves affect by Priority? Like do they get increased priority when used by a pokemon that has an ability to give increased priority (i.g Gale wing) or the move itself (i.g Mach Punch)
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"Has the damage modifier on -ate abilities (Pixiliate, Refrigerate, etc) been changed from 1.3x"

I'd also like to know this. Some people on reddit, rather sketchy, said it was unchanged but the description saying the boost is small makes me think otherwise may have happened. Thank you for this thread by the way.

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